Got a bit bored and decided to secure $HOME on my ultrabook since I bring it with me everywhere so I encrypted it.

Was ALOT easier than I thought it’d be, even tho the Arch Wiki eCryptFS article did seem a bit frightening and complex.
Luckily I found enough info from articles linked in that article and on google to make it go just about 100% painless 🙂

Here is what I sourced for info/guidance:

I couldn’t focus my brain enough to write the procedure down here and these should suffice for others too 🙂
The procedures should be about the same for most distros, tho package names and file locations might differ slightly.
(I did it on my Arch install with info based on both Arch and Ubuntu)

Now I got seamless encrypted home folder for my user on the ASUS Zenbook UX32VD in Arch Linux
( a lovely machine, especialy after I swapped the HDD for a SSD and updated it to 10GB RAM ) 🙂

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