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I think I need to re-organize my “server” room soon…Network and Management

Server mess...

Perhaps I could build my own rack if I can find the right parts needed for one that support rails?
Definatley need better cable management!
Atleast I have tried a little to keep it organized
Keeping Management/network in once end and
Everyday storage server and router in the other end
Separated by my two magnificent Dell PowerEdge C1100 pizzaboxes.

Anyhow… Current specs for my lab:

  • Altibox (Nokia) fibermodem/router in bridge
  • Router: Dell Optiplex GX150, Intel Celeron 900MHz, 512MB RAM, random 20GB IDE drive running pfSense
  • Homebuilt Fileserver: AMD A4-5300, 16GB RAM, 5x 3GB Seagate Baracuda in ZFS RAIDZ for home storage and 2x 1Gbps NICs
  • Management VM host: HP ProLiant MicroServer N54L, 16GB ECC RAM, 240GB Kingston V300 SSD, 250GB original HDD, 400GB random SATA drive. VMware ESXi 5.5 with vSphere 5.5 standard (currently VSAN beta) on top, hosting domain controller and misc other servers needed 24/7.
  • LAB Hosts: Two Dell Power Edge C1100 (CS24-TY): 2x Intel Xeon L5520 Quadcore 2.2GHz, 72GB ECC RAM, 240GB Intel 530series, 320GB WD AV-25, 500GB WD Blue, VMware ESXi 5.5, clustered in vSphere.
  • Spare server: Dell PowerEdge T105, AMD dualcore, 6GB ECC RAM, 2x 200GB and 2x 250GB HDDs
  • NAS: NetGear ReadyNAS 104, 4x 1TB Harddrives in RAID10, and sadly it came with RNOS 6.1.x instead of 6.0.x so it lacks VLAN support (for now…)
  • Main Switch: Cisco SG300-20 Managed Switch in L3/Router mode managing all traffic between my VLANs
  • Second Switch: Netgear GS724Tv3 Smart Managed Switch (L2) helping me get enough ports when needed 🙂
  • 2x BlueWalker PowerWalker VI850 keeping the Fibermodem/router, pfSense router, NAS and Management server alive (1 is probably enough for all those tho according to the powerdrain on them 🙂 )
  • And not to forget the powerhouse management/debug laptop: Dell Lattitude D610 with a whooping 1.5GB RAM! 😀 Works great tho, and has a serial/com port which I need at times.

 Happy holidays!

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